Playing for Christmas Break

This is going to be a big post because we’ve been doing a lot!

We went to an exercise trail course on a colder winter day because the children actually love doing them. I’m often hard pressed to get everyone to like hiking, but these trails work great for our family. We also went to the Ogden Christmas Village and a very large gift shop.

Christmas (8)Christmas (7)Christmas (5)

We had cousins come play with us. These pictures are in my greenhouse…it’s awesome to have someplace warm to go and place, that still fills like outside. I have plants growing, but super slowly there.

Christmas (2)

Christmas (16)

We went sledding. Not pictured is when I took the older kids to a super large hill, and they were troopers and had a great time, even when things like snow in boots and lost mittens happened.

Christmas (15)Christmas (14)Christmas (6)Christmas (12)

We also went to the dinosaur park together. It is so fun to see the cousins enjoying each other and playing.

Christmas (13)Christmas (10)Christmas (11)

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