I was the only one who wanted to go hiking. The children were mostly complaining, talking about how they didn’t like hiking. Joe mentioned how he just liked to stay home. And I told everyone we were going hiking. (In quite a loud voice. I was a bit grumpy. I’m glad the kids go to school because when they are around a lot, like during Thanksgiving break, I get on edge.)

We went to a trailhead. And some guy gave us really horrible directions. So we ended up finding this old fitness trail. The kids loved doing the different exercises and finding all the stations. At the end, Peter rated the hike a 9/10 and said that hikes can’t get higher than nine. Everyone had a good time.

Moral of the story: sometimes you end up liking the things you don’t want to do. And sometimes I have to force my children to have fun.

fall hike-1fall hike-2fall hike-3fall hike-4fall hike-5


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