Making a Difference

There is a lot about the world that I do not like, and I have no power to change.

I don’t like silly things like billboards and burning leaves, and big things like terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Even though there is a lot I cannot change, I like to learn about how I might change the world through topics like ecology, permaculture, minimalism, religion, community activism. And ultimately, I think everyone should know and care.

Because it is individual people that make decisions that change the world….or force the world to a place that we don’t want to be.

I can make a difference in many ways. Plant trees, fixing up old stuff instead of buying new, reaching out to others, making friends, consuming less, and consuming wisely, Walking and hiking, writing a letter to the mayor, going out and voting.

There are problems in the world. But I do not think that we have any problem too big that it cannot be fixed if we become aware of those problems, and work together creatively to solve them. It’s only when we choose to let someone else worry about it, or get caught up in blame that change doesn’t happen.

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