Rise to the Occasion

A few weeks ago, I started school. I took everything I was doing and added 20+ hours of school work on top of it. If I wasn’t busy before I am now.

It has required me to fundamentally change. I can’t do the same things and be the same person I was before and still accomplish everything I need to. I’ve always considered myself pretty good at time management, but I now realized I had a lot to actually work on.

Having an attitude of “I’m so busy,”did not work for me. If I feel that way, I get overwhelmed, stressed out, and I waste time. And honestly, I’m not too busy: I have time to do everything I need to if I keep my priorities straight.

Instead, I work hard, and I work smart. I get up early, I don’t’ stop working, I do the things that I want to, and that I feel are important. I don’t copy or compare what I’m doing to anyone else: I just go for it.

I am learning to rise to the occasion. I had the Rocky theme song stuck in my head this morning, and I thought about that movie. I have great opportunities right now. And I am going to let attitudes of busyness and stress sink me and the dreams and goals I have? Or am I going to work my tail off and do everything I can to realize my dreams?

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