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I’m the primary music leader for my ward, and I was recently teaching the children this simple song:

Listen to the still small voice!
Listen! Listen!
When you have to make a choice.
He will guide you always.
It’s meant to be sung as a round, and the children actually did pretty well singing it that way. At the end, I was trying to be spiritual and talk about how we need to listen to the still small voice and make sure we are listening to the one we are supposed to be following, and not the other group.
Just a bit later, it struck me how much I needed that little message. The funny thing about a round is everyone is singing the same thing: but the timing is drastically different. God tells us much the same things: that we need to serve other, have a family, be righteous. And I’ve always strived to do good, listen to God, to have Him as my guide. But I don’t always get the timing right, and sometimes I look at other people’s timing and think that is the right one for me.
I look at people who have a lot of children and wonder why I don’t have more myself. I look at people who have a lot of success or cool jobs or hobbies or lots of friends and wonder why I don’t. I could go on…but if I’m looking at other people and what they are singing, I’m going to miss the timing that God has for me.
God does have a unique plan for me if I’m paying attention to Him and not anyone else.
temple 1
(And I have the best view from my front porch sometimes.)

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