I haven’t figured out life. I have learned some solutions, routines, and processes that help me live a fulfilling life. I’ve discovered many through simple trial and error, others through reading and paying attention.

Some things work some of the time. Some things work most of the time. Very few work all the time. And often life changes just when I think it’s going pretty good. So I have to continue figuring out life. And it is a journey that will never stop, one I never really want to stop.

If life is challenging, if it’s a struggle, that means I’m going somewhere. Complacency never equals growth. And I want to be a better person in a year than I am now. My struggles have made me a better person than I was. I am beginning to recognize that all the times I wasn’t successful, it just pushed me to try new things, to become someone a little different and better.


Keeprs at home_lizbraithwaite

A school assignment: I wouldn’t be back in school right now if other opportunities had actually worked out. I’m glad they didn’t. 



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