My kids like to do obstacle courses: sometimes we’ll call it parkour, other times Ninja Warrior. We’ll go to parks, campgrounds, or just outside. It’s always lots of fun.  Except when they are trying to do it in the living room, and I want them to go to bed.


It was Peach Days this week. Joe took the kids to the parade, and I stayed home and stripped paint off of our porch. (Stripping anything is not fun. The paint on our concrete porch was peeling, and we spent hours and hours stripping it off. We ended up buying a pressure washer, and that combined with a chemical stripper worked okay. But it was very tedious, and it still doesn’t look great. But it is also not red, as it once was)


The kids had more soccer, and both scored some goals. And Joe had a birthday. It was Sunday, so we didn’t do anything exciting, just stayed home and ate Peach cobbler.




3 thoughts on “Obstacles

  1. Heather Hoyt says:

    Our kids were running around the family time doing obstacles tonight when I wanted them to go to bed. Dillon pointed out that you can the front of your house look like a face behind a helmet or something.


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