End of Summer Activities

We went to Cherry Hill. On a Tuesday evening. It wasn’t at all busy, they had discounted tickets for going later in the day, and we had a wonderful time. It’s always better when it isn’t busy.

mazerock wallclimbingboatsballs

In other news, I broke my toe last week. I am starting to be able to walk without limping. But since I basically couldn’t put any weight on it on the day I broke it, it precluded me from going to the county fair with my family. Joe took the boys and they had a lot of fun.


We also had an interesting Saturday. After soccer, we went down to my parent’s house so Peter could go to a concert with his aunt and uncle. He loves music, but neither of his parents really do. Luckily, he has an aunt and uncle who do like music and doing things like going to concerts, and they were kind enough to invite him along. (And by the way, it was an outdoor, no-drinking, all-ages concert, which we are lucky enough to have in Utah.)

Joe and I went on a date with my brother and sister-in-law to an escape room. It was a bit pricey, there were too many people there, but overall it was a lot of fun. Something I wouldn’t mind doing again. And then we stayed the night because the concert when an hour longer than expected.

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