The day of the eclipse, I decided to drive up and see it. I was worried about crowds and traffic. Although I saw way more Utah license plates in Idaho than Idaho plates, it wasn’t too bad at all.

We found a country park to go to and randomly ended up sitting right next to my Mom’s neighbor. It was an absolutely amazing experience that Peter said was just as good as Minecraft.


This video is horrible. But I think you definitely see the excitement in it.

While I was enjoying the whole experience, it reminded me of church, and I actually used the experience to help teach my son about baptism.

When I heard about the eclipse, everyone who had actually seen one said it was worth about any effort to go. They said it was indescribable and amazing.

We also hear from people, through individual testimonies and the scriptures, how indescribable and amazing are the blessing from being baptized, going to church and enjoying the fullness of the gospel.

It’s easy to not believe the testimonies or to get discouraged by the things we have to do to get there. I almost stayed home from the eclipse because of traffic. Many people do not go to church or get baptized because of lifestyle decisions or indifference.

I went to the eclipse and it was so much more than I expected and well worth the effort. It turned out it wasn’t that hard to go after all: and the experience was incredible.

The gospel is worth the effort: it isn’t that hard, and the blessings I’ve experienced from the gospel are indescribable and amazing.

My son went to the eclipse very reluctantly. When it actually happened, he was the most excited I have ever seen him. I challenged him to get baptized and told him that it would be just as good as the eclipse.

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