Splash Pad


Squeezing in some thoughts underneath this picture. I recently took the GRE, and got my scores back. I needed to be at least over the 40th percentile, and I was. One section was in the 96th percentile, which was incredibly unexpected and awesome. The other two sections were 73rd and 60th, which is just great. But I’m a bit disappointed because I knew why they were lower, and also that I could have potentially gotten higher if I had studied math a bit more, and stayed more on topic with my essay. It was good though, and really not bad at for not taking a test at all in 8 years.

Recently, several people have commented positively on my appearance. It really had me thinking about how beauty is so personal and rooted in our perception. I know some people think I look drop-dead gorgeous: but I also know that others do not.

Personally, I don’t really care how I look that much: just enough to put some makeup on occasionally and buy clothes that I think look cute. In our society it seems like beauty is uber important: but really, what we look like is a random outcome of our genes, and has little bearing on how life.

Yeah, I’m thin, and I’m led to believe I’m all lucky and pretty because I’m thin. But in reality, I’m thin because my Dad was and my genes are programmed that way, and I doubt I could gain much weight if I tried. It doesn’t make me better than anyone, or more successful at anything that really matters, or even more healthy. It’s just how I’m built.

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