Playing with Children


We are finally done with swim lessons! We did it Monday-Thursday the whole month of June. Henry adores swimming. He will go under the water by himself, with no fear. Peter can now go off the diving board by himself. Curtis can hold his breath for quite some time and is very comfortable in the water.


We ran a race for the 4th of July. My score is not a great 5k time, but my goal was under 40 minutes. I definitely did that. Peter ran a 10-minute mile, and Joe got first place in his division.

5k time

The children were playing with my camera.



Final bit: I found a kitten! I always kind of wanted a cat, but I knew that at some point one would probably just appear in my life so I never actively sought one. People are always trying to get rid of kittens. This one was wandering around a gas station, next to a busy street, and far away from any residential area. I picked him up, and we immediately decided that we like each other. The children like him too, and have named him Mr. Firework in honor of the 4th, and we found him when we were on our way to pick up fireworks.


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