Homemade Silly Putty

This is how wonderful of a blogger I am. You get one picture.

Anway, I try to make slime, and I have not had great luck. So I did some experimenting. The two basic ingredients are glue and borax. I don’t think the type of glue actually matters, and it has not been responsible for past failures.

The problem is, if you just mix borax and glue you will not get slime. It will turn into a solid not-fun mixture. There must be water added to the mix, and also not too much borax. So keys: lots of water, a small amount of borax.

I don’t want to measure. And who in the world actually knows what 1 oz of glue is? So here is my no-measure, almost foolproof method to make slime, and it probably won’t make the mess I made in my picture.

Take a bowl and put lots of water in it. Then pour some glue in. There should be substantially more water than glue. Don’t mix it up, it will stay separated and that’s fine.

Dissolve borax in water. Then add a small amount to the glue/water.  Start swishing the glue around, and pulling it out of the water. (This is kind of like poaching eggs. Except for instead of cooked egg, you get a chemical reaction created slime.)  You should get slime. If it’s not very firm, add a tiny bit more borax to the water, and swish some more.

If it goes too hard, just start over, and use less borax.

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