Life actually goes more swiftly when there are fewer life changes. Our family hasn’t had any major changes for two and a half years now, and time flies by. And all manage to do is get a picture of strawberries.

strawberries again.jpg

I have far more projects than I have time to actually do, at least in a reasonable timetable. I have a book project that is now six years old and I still haven’t completed the first draft. (It’s a cool book too, on designing gardens, so I should get it done.) I usually find more ideas without actually finishing or dropping old ones. I tend to prioritize things like children and keeping the house clean over finishing projects. And I’m okay with that. I don’t want to miss my children’s childhood.

Stuff eventually does get worked on and completed, as long as I don’t give up. Like my garden is actually pretty cool now—not done, but cool. A visiting family member who was here a year ago asked if anything had changed. And a ton has changed. Inside, we re-arranged, redecorated a couple of rooms. Outside our park strip is actually decent looking, there’s a soon to be done pond, and 20 fruit trees that weren’t there before. And strawberries. So many strawberries, but I’m not complaining, I love strawberries. (I love to show people everything going on in my garden. I will take pictures and upload soon.)

And for my own projects, I’ve maintained this blog on a fairly regular basis. I’ve had a few garden clients, and I still volunteer at the community garden. (I’m teaching a class this Saturday.) I finished drafts of two book/programs and should have one ready to publish on my other website soon.

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