Field Trips

I had the privilege of going with Peter on his field trip this year. They went down to the aquarium, and I had two excited boys telling me, “Let’s go there…let’s go there!!” We made it through the entire aquarium in 30 minutes. We had another hour to goof off, which isn’t that hard with little boys! field trip.jpg

Peter’s had an amazing teacher this year. I did her door for teacher appreciation week. Turned out pretty good. Especially since this is two weeks after I put it up.

teacher door.jpg

Extra picture: Curtis got out these snap circuits and put together his own circuit with two switched, two lights and a fan. The switched made different lights and the fan turn on and off, it was quite cool. Then he got upset over something else, threw it and accidentally broke the battery piece. We’ll have to get it fixed so he can make more cool stuff on it!

snap circuit.jpg

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