A Quick note on Home-Grown Transplants

This year, I’ve received more questions about growing your own transplants than I ever remember. So I’ve got a few tips for you

Use lights: 

Even a sunny window isn’t that sunny. Light levels indoors are drastically different than those outside. Getting grow lights is not that hard. Any fluorescent or led bulb works, even a clip on desk lamp with a compact fluorescent bulb works. I personally have under-cabinet lights that have been hard wired to an automatic timer. I have used shop lights in the past. I don’t feel like I have quite enough light right now, but it’s worked. I made a light reflector with aluminum foil and cardboard to concentrate the light as well.


Use fertilizer: 

I picked up an organic-based liquid fertilizer from my local garden center. I dilute it weekly for irrigation. Potting-mixes don’t hold onto nutrients that well: fertilizer is really helpful.

Water right:

I water daily. But not too much. Every time I’ve had plant-sitters they tend to drown the plants. It’s good to dry out just a bit between irrigation. But obviously, not watering is also the easiest way to kill your plants.


Acclimate plants:

I wait until the temperatures are warm, and then acclimate my plants on my east facing porch for about a week before planting.

I just barely planted two flats of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant that I started inside. Excited for the garden this year!


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