I find myself a bit overwhelmed. It’s spring which means gardening is in full force. My three boys always keep me busy. My emotional health hasn’t been wonderful. I have more projects to work on than I have time for. I always think of new ideas that I want to do, and I rarely give up old ones.

And mostly I just want to take naps and read books. Well actually, I want to do everything. And there just isn’t enough time. So then I often don’t do anything at all.

I know I need to do less, focus on the essential things in my life. Sometimes that’s much easier to say than to do. Moral: I don’t know. But I do want to be where I’m at: trying even if life isn’t as simple as I want it to be.

playground.jpgFrom a day at the park. We spent our last Saturday visiting old friends and family, which is always a fun Saturday.

One thought on “Life

  1. Heather Hoyt says:

    I want to do everything too. I want to waste a day binge watching something fun and talking a nap and yet I want to get everything done at the same time from my to-do list that I keep thinking I need to simplify but yet that still hasn’t’ really happened yet.


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