Trip Day 7-9



This child is obsessed with his Kitty blanket. It was once mine.

Sea World was very fun. Tons of fun shows, things to watch, rides without lines. Also the day everyone had the worst sunburn.



Our final play day we spend at the Children’s Museum, USS Midway, and riding carnival rides at Belmont Park. Peter finally got to play laser tag, he’s been asking to do that for ages.


It was a great trip. We brought my sister around, and it was nice to actually have a one to one ratio of adults and children. (But we still nearly lost a child in the USS Midway which was huge and kind of a scary place to not know where your child is.)

We also met up with my sister Heather and her family. We came at different times, stayed at different places and did different things, but also had a great time doing many things together, and our children get along very well. Unless you are in a restaurant, and then you would rather not that they were enjoying themselves so much that they were also simultaneously making a mess and annoying everyone else there too.

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