Food Forest 2

It’s been raining a lot, but we still had plants to get in the ground. It was muddy and cold, and we planted 33 plants in our garden, mostly trees and large shrubs.

food forest.jpg

food forest 1.jpg

They are just sticks surrounded by mulch now. Soon, we will get a lot of this:

plum buds.jpg

This is a plum I planted last year, just getting ready to blossom out.

We planted raspberries, grapes, and bush hazelnuts as smaller plants. Buffaloberry, autumn olive, mountain ash, and hardy silverberry were planted as nitrogen fixers/support species. And we planted pears, Mormon apricot, jujube, weeping mulberry, nectarine, and a quince tree. Many of them are uncommon plants, so I’m excited to see how they turn out!

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