“Cry nothing but repentance.” I’ve been thinking lately how all the advice I can give others is in some ways flawed: I don’t follow it myself all the time. I think that is why talking about repentance is so important. I am not perfect, and I do strive to live a righteous life. But I occasionally lose my patience with my children. I judge people too harshly. I complain about good things. I’m too casual in my worship.  I am very far from being a perfect person, and sometimes when I think I’m doing pretty good, the Lord opens my eyes and I see I have much room to improve.
Repentance is a powerful principle. I think we all make mistakes that we want to change. And repentance gives us the way to change them. Through our own efforts to improve ourselves, and relying on God and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can change. We can be forgiven of our sins, and become more than we can by our own efforts. It is the most joyful news in the world!
I firmly believe that our world is not full of evil people fighting against good people. It’s full of people desiring to be good, but often not knowing the correct path to change. Our world is filled with good things. We have so much potential for good, and I don’t think we are living up to that potential at all. If evil fills the world, it isn’t as blatant as we often think. Often I find it in my own heart, in my own misperceptions, and little sins that I try to get away with.
But God is a merciful God. And He blesses me with good in my life as I try my best. He provided a way for good to overcome evil, and I’m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches me that way.
It’s conference! I’m very excited this year, and I have a goal to sit and listen more…six hours is a very long time to just sit and listen without falling asleep, but I know I won’t regret it if I do. 

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