Still Small Voice

Listen to the still small voice,

Listen, Listen

When you have to make a choice,

He will guide you, Always.

My niece sang that song as I drove her home from a trip to the zoo. Even he two-year-old sister knew it! I’d forgotten the song existed. Not only did she sing the song, but gave a little lesson to go along with it:

“The still small voice is the Holy Ghost. And when you are playing with your sister or your mom and don’t know what to do, the Holy Ghost will tell you what to do.”

It stuck with me. I decided to use the song for Primary singing time. We sang the song while playing a variation of hot and cold, where you sing louder when you get closer to an object.

I taught how the Holy Ghost is a lot like that. When you are close to what you should be doing, it’s loud and easy to hear. But when you are far away from what you should be doing it’s quite.

Fast forward to today. I was having a blah day. Then I realized I was delaying something that the spirit was directing me to do. I thought back to my lesson I taught on Sunday, and decided I was feeling so bad because I was far away from the Spirit. So I did what I was delaying and felt much better.

Children really can teach us. I tend to be an intellectual person, and I don’t always get how we can learn from children. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and children are awesome to help lead us that way.


One thought on “Still Small Voice

  1. cwalk64 says:

    I liked this a lot. You should send it to your brother, I’m sure they would like it and not sure they read this or not.


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