Garden Plan

Mid-way through last year, I was tired of gardening. I went to school in it, I had been gardening for years, and also doing landscape designs, and occasionally teaching and helping out others. It was a lot, and I got to a point where I didn’t feel any sort of passion and I felt like I had plateaued. So I didn’t do much in the garden, I didn’t pursue many of projects I was working on. I went and did other things.

Breaks are great if they are done right. I’ve learned that for good breaks, change is better than rest. Just stopping for awhile doesn’t actually mean I’ll want to go back to it later. If I change what I’m doing, and move my focus to something else I want to do, I usually come back to the original activity with reignited interest and passion.


I recently put in a decent sized order for more fruit trees, and I’ve been deciding where they fit best in the garden. It’s been a lot of fun.




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