Snow Activities

I feel like all that I’m blogging about is snow. Is anyone tired of all the snow? These girls are:

But really, this has been a great winter. Snow, snow, and more snow. We had a late start day at school today because of the snow. There’s a blizzard outside right now. It’s wonderful. It is a winter that I always dream of, the winters that were special growing up.

Here is what we’ve been doing in all that wonderful snow. It does not include building a snowman because my boys tend to destroy them rather quickly.

#1: Snow Forts

Joe loves to build snow forts. He added on to the cave in front and built another one in the backyard. It is his snow activity of choice.

#2: Paint Snow
snow paint.jpg

This is one of my favorite things to do. Just a bit of liquid watercolor diluted in spray bottles, and it is so much fun. It’s a great compliment to the snow forts.

#3: Sand Toys

These trucks were tucked away in the patio, and the boys discovered them and have been having fun ever since.

#4: Snowshoeing


I love snowshoeing, but we don’t get very far with the boys. Oh well. Still fun.

I’m still not tired of shoveling snow and putting on mittens and snowpants, and now knowing what the ground looks like. Winter is for snow, and I’m glad we have lots.

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