Trying too Hard

I was in a Sunday school class today, and the teacher mentioned how inadequate she felt, that there was so much to do. I see that a lot in the church, and even see people leave because they feel so discouraged because they aren’t living up to the ideal. I’ve felt it myself many times.
Lately, I’ve realized that it is missing the target. Our church is centered on Jesus Christ. He did not come for the perfect people, but the sinners. He comes because I make mistakes, and I want to change. He can forgive and give me hope, even as I struggle with my weakness.
I’ve been changing my attitude. So instead of trying my hardest to do everything I’m supposed to, I try to live with God. I pray, read my scriptures, obey his commandments. And if I don’t seem to quite be good enough, or I still struggle with a certain weakness, I don’t worry or feel discouraged. I give it to God.
Ultimately I cannot earn my salvation. Christ earns it for me, and I simply believe him and live with Him. It’s not that hard. I’ve stopped looking at everything I’m not doing, the ideals I’m not living up to, and just focus on loving God and trying my best.

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