I don’t feel like too much happened in 2016. We are in the same house, with the same jobs and the same children.

  • We did finish remodeling our home, which was huge. It took over a year of work, and it was nice to get our home organized.
  • We continued to work on the garden and had a decent year in spite of the hail.
  • Curtis started preschool, started learning how to read, and played t-ball and soccer and learned to swim.
  • Peter entered first grade, started piano, and played soccer and basketball and learned to swim.
  • Henry learned how to talk.
  • I published a new website, created a planner, read a bunch of books,  and continued to volunteer with the community garden.
  • Joe continued to be an awesome Rehab leader, and ran a half marathon.
  • We went on two awesome couple trips to Twin Falls and Cinnamon Creek.
  • We went to Wyoming twice: on one trip we also stopped by Dinosaur National Monument. We started geocaching, went camping, enjoyed the beach, and frequented the hot springs. We took day trips to Bear Lake, Antelope Island, City of Rocks, and the Zoo.

Favorite Pictures:

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