by Lizdee

Holistic Program

Holistic is defined as, “Relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts.” (Definitions from here.) I don’t view holism as engaging in non-typical practices like herbalism, yoga, and vegan diets. Rather, holism can include science, religion, and about any time of lifestyle: the key is that we live as a united whole, both individually and in groups. Living a holistic lifestyle brings joy and increased satisfaction and purpose.

Holistic living is focusing on all aspects of our health including spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. It is having good relationships with God, ourself, our family and community. It is removing the chaos from our lives, and having vision and purpose, and know where we stand. It is going forward with that purpose, by planning, to remove junk, improve and maintain our lives. It is pushing forward with creativity, finding connection and sharing with other.

This program represents how I plan and focus my life. It’s still a work in progress, so input is appreciated!

Download the pdf version here. 

Extra Worksheets: Singular version, Plural VersionGeneric Version

Life Notes and Planner

I developed this planner as a way to organize my goals, schedules and task lists. I often enjoy finding new ways to plan, so I’m no longer using this specific planner. All downloads are for statement (half-size) sized paper.

All sections are available as free digital downloads.

Planning Sheets:

Most planning sheets have blank boxes which are for doodling, word art, or just extra room.

Life Notes:

The life notes section is for goals relating to a specific area, such as family, home, health, career, etc. It has space for vision boards, project goals, ongoing tasks, and future ideas.