Garden Help

by Lizdee

If aren’t sure what to do in your garden or landscape and need help reaching your goals, I can help. I focus on creating beautiful, sustainable and functional gardens. Located in Northern Utah.

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Here’s Why You Should Hire A Garden Designer.


Coaching: Help with plant health, pest identification, plant selection and identification, proper plant care and maintenance,  reducing maintenance, irrigation systems, reducing water use, avoiding mistakes,  sprucing up the garden, soil health and finding creative solutions. Get to know your garden and how to best take care of it.  I work one on one at people’s gardens and also teach community education classes.

Design: Focusing primarily on residential landscapes and gardens, my design work includes plant-based design, irrigation, permaculture designs, and concept plans.

Qualifications: I studied a wide range of horticulture including landscape horticulture, plant diagnostics, xeriscape, edible landscape, permaculture, organic gardens, and ecological gardening. I currently have a BS in Ornamental Horticulture and a Permaculture Design Certificate. I have worked in public gardens, community gardens, and the local extension office.

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