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Create the life that you want to be living. Flexible, Goal oriented, Spacious The Life Notes & Planner includes: Daily Notepad Planner Life Notes Assembly and Printing Instructions How I Use My Planner   Full List of Downloads: All sections are available as free digital downloads. Daily Routine and Weekly Schedule Calendar Year Half-Year…(Read More)

Life Notes In the life notes section,  I have six sections: family, spirit, health, home, mind, and career. I’ve filled out the four basic sheets in each section. I’ll use my home sections as an example. In my home section I have a vision page of my house. I’ve listed the design…(Read More)

Daily Notepad

by Lizdee

Daily Notepad A little sheet to plan each day. The day is divided into morning, afternoon and evening for effective time blocking. Each line roughly equates to a half hour. It can also be used as a bookmark in the planner. Return to Life Notes & Planner Main Page…(Read More)

Life Notes

by Lizdee

Life Vision A simple sheet to capture who you want to be, where you want your life to go, and what your priorities are. Sections The life notes are divided in sections. Each section has four pages. Create as many different sections as you like. Some ideas for sections are: Family, Spirit, Health, Home, Mind…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Flexible I often change the way I plan. I wanted a planner that could change along with me, instead of having to go out and get a new planner. Here are some of the features that make this planner flexible. This planner is a ring-bound book or binder. A binder planner provides the ultimate…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Daily Routine and Weekly Schedule Your normal, daily routine, and a page devoted to your repeating weekly schedule. It could be a class schedule for school, a rotating chore or meal schedule, different tasks at work, etc. Year A place for yearly goals and resolutions. This same sheet is available labeled Half-Year Season Seasonal…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Assembly order This is a suggested assembly order. Modify it to fit your own unique life.  Divider Daily Routine and Weekly Schedule Calendar Year (save end of year review for the back of the planner) Full Month (print however many months desired in your planner) Month + Alternative Week OR Season + Week Divider Life Vision Small…(Read More)