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by Lizdee

After living here for a few years, I started itching to do something more with our home. Working with the floorplan, I finally hatched upon a better use of space. One of the main problems we had, besides the bedrooms, was a small, tiny bathroom. So tiny it did not come with a real door…(Read More)

Moving In

by Lizdee

We were more than doubling our square footage, so it was time to shop for furniture. The first piece of furniture I bought that cost over a hundred dollars was a sofa we stuffed into our apartment a few weeks before we moved. We moved three blocks, and Joe and I did almost all of…(Read More)

I grew up in a small town that quickly turned into a busy suburb. My parents are still there. Joe grew up in a small town just outside of our current city. We met while going to college. We married less than a year after meeting and started a long string of moves.  All of…(Read More)

Our home was built in 1904. I wouldn’t be born for over eighty years. I’ve wish I could see a time-lapse of my home through its lifespan of over a hundred year. Much of the home’s history remains a mystery. The house currently sits on a lot in our city. It…(Read More)

In my young adult and newlywed years, hand-me-down furniture and thrift store finds filled up my home. Back then, I was often content if the thrift store pink rocking chair didn’t clash with the hand me down floral couch. We moved eight times in eight years when I was first married, so…(Read More)

Home Tour

by Lizdee

Welcome to a glimpse into my home. After I wrote this article, I wanted to go a bit deeper into my home. This took some time to put together, and I must admit to losing some enthusiasm as I went through. Within this project, I found a book that I plan to develop later. Unfortunately…(Read More)