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My stairways have changed from the worse part of my home to my favorite. We live in a three story house, which means, according to our five year old, we have one of the biggest houses in our city. (Not true, although I wish the amount of stories in a house counted more than the…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Master Bathroom The bathroom started out with a leaky toilet and a closet door. It was too small a room to even have a regular door and was a major problem that we fixed during the remodel. When we moved in, there was a bi-fold closet door on the bathroom. Not ideal, even less…(Read More)

Laundry Room

by Lizdee

Usually, the decorative state of a laundry room doesn’t matter that much, but ours is also the hallway to get into the downstairs. I walked through there all the time. Out of all the room in our house, it was the one that bugged me the most. I didn’t like a single thing…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Bedrooms 1 and 3 This first bedroom started out as the boys’ bedroom, was briefly the master bedroom, and changed back into one of the boy’s bedrooms. We moved a door, changed the closet around, took out the carpet. The third bedroom was created with a couple of new walls. We refinished the concrete…(Read More)

This space was at one point supposed to be a second kitchen in the home. It had a nice black tile that we were in no mood to tear out. Enter Flor carpet tiles. Bought on a seasonal sale, the chartreuse and black flooring covered up those tiles to give us a nice carpeted space…(Read More)

Bonus Rooms

by Lizdee

Attic The bonus room started in the downstairs family room as a school room where I did preschool with my two boys, along with a co-op group once a week. After the remodel, it was moved up to the attic. In the attic are toys, extra storage, and the X-box. It functions as…(Read More)

Dining Room

by Lizdee

The dining room was an awful beige when we moved in. It might have been okay on its own, but it clashed with everything else in the home. We didn’t paint anything until about a year after we moved in, and I recommend this. After we were adjusted in our home, it was easier…(Read More)


by Lizdee

It’s called the heart of the home. Our kitchen is tucked neatly in the corner, and I like it that way. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, our heart is a nice retreat, separate from the rest of the space. I love the ability not to see dirty dishes as I…(Read More)

Living Room

by Lizdee

Welcome to the living room. This is the room in our house where we spend the most amount of time. I prefer to keep it pretty simple to allow for the influx of toys, people, and stuff. I love bright green and used it as the basis of most of the design. I’m constantly…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Maintaining a home is keeping things fixed and in good order, clean and tidy, and fresh and up to date. Maintaining can bring about the opportunity for creativity and problem solving. Homes are an ever-changing palette. My tidying method usually involves staring at a room for a minute and deciding what I want from…(Read More)