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I have certain things I want in my life. But life is complex, and often the simple things I want to happen rarely happen as easily as I would like. Life can be stressful, discouraging and hard to understand. By patterning my life, I develop a better way of living. Patterns are a repetition of…(Read More)


by Lizdee

The environment in this context refers to where I live: my home and garden. It can also include a workplace or other location where we spend lots of time. My environment has a large impact on my life and the lives of those who live with me. The first impact of an environment is our…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A career isn’t limited to my current job, or where I primarily make money. A career is where I contribute to the community over the course of my lifetime. Usually, we do this by specializing in one field, gaining training and education in that field, and then working in a job in the field…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Relationships bring satisfaction, strength, and security to my life. My relationships start with my family. The priority of relationships is my spouse, children, extended family, friends, and finally my greater community. My family is the greatest source of love in my life. I was born into a family, and develop a larger family as I…(Read More)


by Lizdee

I unite with others that have similar beliefs and purpose in worship, in a whole that forms my church or similar group. Through a church, I worship God and form a relationship with Him, and share my worship with others. The practices of love, worship, prayer, and meditation form a relationship with God. I share…(Read More)


by Lizdee

I am part of more than just my own self.  I am also parts of different wholes. A whole is a group working together for a common goal. Within these whole, we have different roles and relationships. Four wholes are generally common in everyone: church or connection to God; relationships with other people, especially family…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A healthy body includes abundant energy, health, and physical strength. Keeping my body healthy is one of the most important tasks I can take. The state of my physical body often affects how I interact with others, how I think about myself. It determines my moods and attitudes, my energy levels. If I am not…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A healthy mind includes an active, creative intelligence, correct perception and clear thoughts. My thoughts guide my life. The collection of knowledge and thoughts form my intelligence. My thoughts are entirely in my control, and they form the basis of much of my character. As my intelligence increases and I apply that knowledge, I develop…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A healthy heart will include emotional expression, self-worth, and connection with others. Feelings, emotions, and desires are often talked of as originating in the heart. My heart gives me the complexity of emotions.  Through my emotions, I experience the richness of life. A healthy heart is able to accept and wisely express a wide…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A healthy spirit will include a firm belief system, purpose, and a code of personal conduct. My spirituality is my purpose and beliefs. I often think of it as my religion: but my personal expression of spirit can be very different than a singular set of religious beliefs. The spirit is the higher sense of…(Read More)