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Final Notes

by Lizdee

I hope that you have enjoyed creating a holistic program for yourself. It is always an ongoing process, and I encourage you to modify the program to best suit yourself and your life. Additional Resources 1: I used many of these books to develop the ideas listed in the workbook. Please note that the steps…(Read More)


by Lizdee

With all the steps and components I have talked about, you can form a holistic program. I start with myself and go through each of the seven steps, using the different components discussed if desired. Then I identify any whole I want to make a holistic program for and also go through the steps. When…(Read More)

My holistic program is the beginning of my planning program. The first step is filling out my holistic program. Next, I like to take the maintenance tasks and current creation projects and use the tasks I have identified to make a weekly routine. Within my weekly routine, every single task has a specific time to…(Read More)


by Lizdee

The last step is learning from all the previous steps and gaining ideas for the future.  Advancing can include periodic review, opportunities I see to share with others, and collecting and working on more ideas. Advancing can include ideas of things to do in my free time, ways to serve or share with others, and…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Maintenance ensures that all the improvements and designs I have in life are well cared for. Maintenance tasks are tasks that are repeated on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain my lifestyle. Maintenance is done by the formation of routines and systems that give time and priority to maintenance tasks, often divided into daily…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Creating is working on projects that will further my design. This is adding on to all the planning I’ve done so far, by creating traditional goals and following a plan to obtain them. Creation is adding something new to my life: it can be any project that has a specific outcome or improvements to…(Read More)


by Lizdee

This step is about recognizing the things that often get in the way or don’t matter, and then scaling back or eliminating them. I can purposefully remove the things from my life that prevent me from achieving my vision and design. It can include removing physical clutter, stopping bad habits, limiting my time with…(Read More)


by Lizdee

A design matches the inventory and vision, by detailing the steps needed to get to the overall vision. This will be what I will need to produce, and in what form to get to my vision. It can include the resources I will need on an ongoing basis to obtain my vision. I include ongoing…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Having a vision is knowing where I want to end up and want I want. This is the quality of life that I want, my purposes or mission statement. When I make visions, I use images, descriptive word, and try not to get caught up in the specific details, but the general feeling. Ideally, my…(Read More)


by Lizdee

Creating an inventory is exploring what is already there. Inventory is determining the current state, strength and weakness, inputs and output, and limitations. To inventory my life, I begin by listing the wholes I belong to, and the roles and relationships I have in each whole. For other wholes, I define the whole and the…(Read More)