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Here are ten reasons why you should hire a garden designer or coach: 1)Plant recommendations that work for your space That azalea might look lovely at the store, but a garden designer will be quick to tell you if it will continue to look that way in your garden. (If you are in my…(Read More)

Garden Help

by Lizdee

If aren’t sure what to do in your garden or landscape and need help reaching your goals, I can help. I focus on creating beautiful, sustainable and functional gardens. Located in Northern Utah. For my contact information, click the link above. Here’s Why You Should Hire A Garden Designer. Services Coaching: Help with…(Read More)

VeggieGuide Click the link above to download the Excel Spreadsheet. Veggie Guide on Google Docs The Vegetable Planning Guide is a resource designed for easy planning in the garden. This table uses a last frost date to determine approximate planting dates for commonly grown vegetables. After downloading the form, you can input your own last…(Read More)